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The Total Flirt, tips, tricks, & techniques every girl needs to get the guy, by Violet Blue, from Cleis Press.

Did you know there are two types of flirting? Have you ever wished you could “just tell” if he was interested in you? Whether you’re tired of waiting for your chance or you want to play for higher stakes, Total Flirt will teach you the tools of the flirting trade–and sexy secrets no girl should be without. You will learn how to walk like a siren, talk like a vixen, seduce like a vamp, always have a great time, and take home the prize. If you are not a born flirt (and most of us are not), you can learn this very seductive art from Violet Blue, author of “the kissing bible,” Seal It with a Kiss. Offering up years of research in her trademark witty, girlfriend-to-girlfriend style, Violet shows you the skills you need to be a world-class charmer. Total Flirt is the indispensable guide to getting what you want. Sweet or wicked, sassy or seductive, no girl needs to go it alone.



While this book is directed to the single female many of the tips and tricks are perfect to add a little spice to your marriage. There is a lot of information that covers almost every topic you can think of when you’re in the dating game. It also has an area that tells you when guys flirting techniques are being used on you.


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